Loanhead Brass Youth


Officially formed in 2011, the Loanhead Brass Roots has welcomed more than 150 players. Many of these have stayed involved in the music world, whether it's playing with MacTaggart Scott Loanhead Brass Band or to study music at the highest level.

Currently we have 51 players in total, some of whom have been with us since 2002. Brass banding provides many wonderful opportunities for young people. Throughout the years several of our young players are involved with the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland (NYBBS) which runs summer residential courses for young brass and percussion players from all over Scotland and beyond.


Our Musical Director - Alan Fernie 


Alan was born in Newtongrange and learned to play Trombone at school, soon joining the local brass band. After studying in Glasgow and London he played professionally in orchestras before beginning a career in music education in 1982. He is currently a part-time brass instructor in Midlothian.

He began conducting in 1986 with Selkirk Silver Band, and has gone on to work with various ensembles all over Scotland and abroad, enjoying considerable competition success. He is in demand internationally as an adjudicator of brass bands contests and music festivals. He continues his prolific work arranging and composing music for brass bands at all levels. Alan is proud to be one of the Course Tutors at the National Youth Brass Band of Scotland.